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 12/7/87 HYDROATLANTIC SHIP STEEL DREDGE LENGTH 320' LAT 26.19.500 LONG 80.03.043 DEPTH 166'
Dive Site:  Hydro-Atlantic Depth: 171' (sand), 145' (deck) Location:  Boca Inlet, northeast of the pier
Length:  320 feet Sunk:  December 7, 1987, while being towed to Brownsville, Texas for salvage
Comments:   Natural wreck, most popular Broward County technical dive Orientation:  Vessel lays north/south; bow points south Conditions: Strong currents (in excess 2+ knots) are normal for this wreck

Click any picture for a larger view.  Hydro Atlantic photos courtesy of Deeper Stuff

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 Hydro Atlantic overview:
Like most wrecks in the area, its also a popular spot for the sport fisherman, so the vessel now contains large amounts of monofilament fishing line.

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Winches are the most prominent features of the bow.

Cracks and splits in the stern hull allow easy access to rear rooms.

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 Hydro Atlantic wheelhouse:
Top, side, front and back views.
Collapsing bulkheads beckon exploration of the interior, but such features can be a divers demise.  Divers should exercise extreme caution around such features.  Photo (middle left) shows large amount of marine growth which distinguishes the wreck from other sites close by.  This is a photogenic wreck.

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  Wreck Diver Tip:
The most popular spot on the Hydro Atlantic is the engine room, which can be accessed from several locations.  The easiest way is to find the crane located amidships, just behind the wheelhouse, or forward of the smokestack, whichever you prefer.  Divers entering the engine room should be trained and experienced in overhead diving environments (e.g. full-cave certified).  Photo's above show the crane from various angles.

( 2 photos above & right courtesy of Rick Carlstrom - Thanks! Photos Taken on 18-May-2001 Using an Ikelight Aquashot 3e)

 Video thanks to Neptuno World

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 including more wreck & cave videos

  Dive the Hydro: 

 Avid Divers 954-854-7786

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 Fills & Equipment

Fill Express 954-786-0661

 Here is an example runtime profile on the Hydro. This dive was made on 5-22-2002 by Rick Carlstrom. The section in the middle where the depth did not change was inside the engine room on a platform overlooking the engines. Back gas was 21/30 Trimix. 50/50 and O2 were used for DECO. The gas switches are shown as green dots. Click for larger view. Do not use this for dive planning, please cut your own new table for safety.

  Descending adjacent to the crane is the usual method of engine room entry, and the easiest.  Another method is via the skylights which can be found close by, at the base of the smokestack.  Photo's (far above left and middle) show bubbles emerging from divers who have found the way.  A third way is via a hatchway on the deck, but its much more dangerous and I would not recommend this.  The easiest described way is best as its more like a cavern dive. If you have photos or pictures of the hydro, contact me if I can use them here with credit given. Thanks!
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